About Authentically Leslie

I believe that being yourself and following the dreams you had as a kid is the key to true happiness. You had the dream, it brought you purpose. Why ignore it? Go out and make it happen.

To be Authentic, you have to be brave enough to be yourself. You have to follow those dreams, make them happen and choose to live your life the way you want it.

This site is about choosing to be authentic, starting with fitness and health. It’s something that I am passionate about and I believe a healthy lifestyle can be had by all no matter what.

I am a Fitness Coach, online and offline. I am a Mother, an RMT, an Author and an Online Entrepreneur. I make fitness routines for my clients, customized for the best results possible and I create courses for fitness. I run around with my kids and I’m also KEEP Collective Designer. Each of these things is Authentically me.


 The lotus is a symbol of rebirth. It has been a source of inspiration when I’m stuck in life or fitness. Difficult beginnings and middles lead to better, brighter finales. Are you ready to begin your authentic journey?


Fitness Coach: A Fitness Coach is someone that works with you wherever you choose to do your routine, home, outside, a gym etc. We are different from Personal Fitness Trainers in that we don’t just teach you the routine, we keep you inspired and motivated. We create a relationship with the client instead of just calling out exercises.

You can read an article, here, that describes the key differences between a trainer and a coach.

Massage Therapist: As per www.dictionary.com, a massage therapist is a person trained in manipulation of the soft tissues of the body by rubbing, stroking, kneading, etc for therapeutic or healing purposes. We are expected to have a standard number of hours (2200+) in Canada before entering the workforce as an RMT (registered massage therapist).

Online Entrepreneur: someone taking their business online for the purposes of becoming their own boss and reaching out further than their front door. I do this with the online coaching and KEEP.

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