Frankly Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers

Who Can Do Fitness?

Anyone. Everyone. Man, woman, child, elderly. Everyone should have some sort of fitness incorporated into their daily lifestyle. Just please do it at your own speed and always listen to your body. If you have health issues or heart problems, asthma, anything like that, please talk to your doctor first.

Why Do I Not See A Routine For Most Packages?

So the idea behind this website is that the routines are customized to YOU. This means that a generic routine will not be seen, except for a designated few. A questionaire gets filled out and that will help me determine what to do when I design your routine. Everyone is different, has different needs and goals so why shouldn’t your routine reflect that?

Are you a Fitness Coach or a Fitness Trainer?

I am a Fitness Coach. I build relationships with my clients, motivate them and inspire them over the course of their whole time with me. I work with them, side by side for the duration. I am always available for them to reach out to, by phone or email or video message. A coach takes the time to form that kind of relationship

Who Can Get Massage Therapy?

Again, I feel strongly that EVERYONE should get a massage at least once a month. Even if you’re not local to me, check out some places where you live. Massage helps your joints, muscles, and is both physically and emotionally healthy for you.

Why Do You Talk About Personal and Business Stuff Together?

One very simple reason: I am building a life where work and play can go together, where I can be “working” all day and still have time for my kids and family. My work was inspired by my want to be healthy and energetic for my kids.

Where Does Your Energy Come From?

It’s true, running a business and having two young kids makes for needing a lot of energy. In truth, I’m a bouncy person to begin with. I’m not one who can sit at a desk all day and so I have created a lifestyle around being busy. Eating right an listening to my body also plays an important role

You Don’t Look Like A Fitness Trainer…?

Okay, granted, I’m not a hulk or a body builder. But I have trained for two years and steadily the last year. I’ve started over several times from the bottom after recovering from surgeries so progress has been slow. BUT, I don’t give up. I keep going and that’s exactly why I am here to make routines for everyone. If I can start again multiple times, anyone can.

You Don’t Train At A Gym?

No, I’m not based out a gym. I suppose that is odd. I built this business when my first kid was two. It started out as a mobile massage company and fitness training got added, mobile as well, once I was recovered enough from my second pregnancy. I didn’t have a way of going to a gym or money for a membership. I had been treated badly at some gyms. And I knew a lot of people in the same boat. So, I started by going to people’s houses and training them there and then took it online so I could reach out to more people. I am still 100% legitimate, trained and certified through Can-Fit-Pro, I can train they way they do in a gym, I know all the machines. But I also know how to train in a tiny corner of a house when your baby’s asleep and you can’t lift more than 5 lbs at a time for whatever reason. I’m versatile and I believe that is also very important when you’re training.

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