My Fitness Plan Worked

Sometimes I have doubts about where I am. Not about the goal, not about the dream, but about the path. Like I wonder if it’s the right path or if I could have gone about it a different way. And, I supposed in hindsight, there’s always a different way that could have been chosen but at the time, I always choose the path the is pointed at my dreams.

Sometimes, it just takes a little longer and some needed third party validation. Although I try to rely on my own feelings and knowledge, it is nice to know when others notice.


For those that have been following me for the past few years on social media, you’ll know that fitness became a passion for me after the birth of my first son. I had gone into the pregnancy overweight and not at all strong (and considering I had been an active teen and kid, rocking 4 karate sessions a week and walking or running everywhere, this was a huge letdown) and because he was delivered via emergency C-section, and because I had some unexplained hormonal issues, I packed on more weight post pregnancy. I hated it. I was embarrassed; I had no energy and I knew something had to change.

When I went back to school, I went to become a massage therapist, but I found another passion along the way: fitness training. And so I gradated as both an RMT and a fitness coach.

After my second son was born, also via emergency c-section, I hit the fitness hard. I pushed myself (safely), I became more active, I committed to yoga and walks and running.

And then ended up needing my gall bladder removed 8 months later. More recovery time…

And that’s when I knew that I needed to create something fitness wise that didn’t require a gym. Because I gained even more weight during that third recovery time. My hormones were actually starting to regulate. But I was soooooo embarrassed about falling back down again. I wanted to do something from home, with the option of getting on the spot help from a professional (videos can only take you so far).

So FitRebels was created.

But in the meantime, what progress was I seeing?

Well, truth be told, minor. Minor in the physical department but major in the emotional department.

Here’s what I noticed: I was stronger than I had been in years, I could easily lift both my kids up at the same time (over 90 lbs) and carry them up and down the stairs a few times, I could run around with my boys all day, I could do more than 2 massages a day and not be exhausted (deep tissue massages BTW) and I could still exercise everyday or two. I lost six inches around my waist, but I knew than because of a tape measure. I could fit into clothes comfortably again and even down down a size. I felt pretty good, pretty proud of myself.

Have I lost weight? I haven’t checked. The number on the scale isn’t important. I’m gaining muscle so it’s possible my weight has stayed the same but I prefer muscle weight to fat. I haven’t gone down a size in jeans yet (WTF, right?) but other pants fit amazingly well. I’m not shying away from pictures and selfies because I know I look good.

But here’s where it helped to know that I was doing all the right things even if the change to me seemed minuscule. I was having coffee with my mom the other day and she mentioned that one of her friends made a comment on how good I was looking. And that prompted me to look at past photos (there aren’t many. I didn’t enjoy having my picture taken before this year). And I couldn’t BELIEVE the changes I saw.

And in the moment, the third party validation played a HUGE role. Because I saw the changes and they are drastic.


So what is it I did?

Commitment is a HUGE thing. I cannot stress that enough. I stayed committed, worked on myself everyday for minutes a day and challenged myself.

I never gave up, even when I was recovering again from surgery, even when I was sick, even when I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere.

And, most of all, I followed a plan. And that plan became my signature program on FitRebels. It’s my 30 Day You Fit. It’s a routine, created for the individual, that’s designed to be done in 30 days, a tailor made fitness routine that ‘fits’ into your life and helps you find your ‘fit’. You Fit, get it? Haha

I’ve also created the VIP signature which includes video time with me (that professional help on the stop I wanted years ago). What’s stopping you from reaching your fitness goals? 30 Day You Fit might be for you

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