Meet Leslie

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Leslie Hodgins. I am a Fitness Coach, Online Entrepreneur, Mother, Author and RMT.

I became a Fitness Coach 3 years ago. I was trained and certified through Can-Fit-Pro. My inspiration behind an online coaching site came when I was recovering from an emergency c-section 5 1/2 years ago. I was tired, sore, out of shape and couldn’t afford a gym, much less get to one with an infant at home. I wanted something I could at home, on my time with professional help.

Eventually, I was able to create this website which offers just that. I offer one on one fitness packages with video messaging so that I can coach my clients anywhere in the world. I make customized fitness routines to get the best results and effectively meet my clients’ fitness goals.


I have started over in my fitness life several times due to surgeries and illnesses. I never gave up. I stayed committed to my goals and that’s one of the key things I teach in my courses as well as in my routines. The exercises I put into the routines are ones that I have personally used and I know they work. What’s more, I offer affordability.

Recently. I have become a Thrive Promoter as their line of of products ties in with the fitness. Supplements, energy, nutrition, it goes hand in hand with fitness. I also became a KEEP Collective Designer because of my love of showing my personality and shiny things. I love that I can wear a charm bracelet that shows what’s important to me. Plus it makes gift giving so much easier.


FitRebel is my brand of fitness. It’s fitness outside the box, outside the normal atmosphere you might think about. I am a FitRebel through and through, always looking to find ways of making fitness more than just a habit but a lifestyle. Are you ready to join the FitRebel Tribe?