FitRebels Take Action Course


What is fitness to you? A dream? A goal? Intimidating? A New Year’s Resolution you’ll never get back to? You’re not alone. For many, fitness is something everyone makes a goal for but very few ever see it through. For many, it’s because fitness seems intimidating, or they don’t have time to commit to a gym or because it’s expensive.

I totally sympathize if any or all of these reasons have ever stopped you. Because I was there once, broke, sick, recovering from surgeries and not at all able to get to a gym. Walking into a gym would feel intimidating, as if I was just a number. Plus, all that expensive equipment and crazy fit trainers, it can be overwhelming.

So, I have designed this 4 week course, FitRebels Take Action, to go over how to make fitness not intimidating, how to workout at home in a way that works for you, and how to keep motivated and building healthy habits that turn into a healthy lifestyle.

I break down fitness and show you how it can be simple and effective and you won’t have a trainer yelling at you. You can do it at home. And you will always have contact with me if you need help.

Can fitness be for you? Absolutely. Are you willing to try? Only you can answer that, but you’d be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn’t at least give it a chance.

Oh and just in case you need more incentive:

  • There’s only 30 spot available.
  • the first 20 to sign up get $100 off
  • the first 10 to sign up get a FREE shirt on top of the $100

So, what are you waiting for?

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