Kids Fitness Video Series

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Healthy habits are easier learned early in life. Get your kids into a routine now and they’ll continue healthy habits through life.

Remember when you were a kid, running around, screaming, throwing balls and rolling in the grass? Remember swinging from monkey bars and climbing the highest piece of playground equipment you could find? It didn’t feel like exercise, but it was. As a kid, you were always active and running and doing stuff, making your muscles work and getting stronger. Do you miss that? Do you miss when exercise was fun? Everyone today sees fitness as a chore, especially when they are starting out. In all honesty, I did too, once.

Kids respond to fun, to entertainment. So why not make exercise fun for them as well?

In this 5 day video series, I’m teaming up with my son to bring you ideas, coaching and his favourite exercises.


Once this package is purchased, you’ll be given a link to a page. For each of the 5 days, a new video will be uploaded to that page. You are more than welcome to watch with your kids or to watch first and do it with your kids after.


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