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You are not a “one size fits all person” or you wouldn’t be here. You want more and you should when it comes to your health. When you buy a fitness package, you’re getting quality, something tailored to you. Which is why every routine will be different.

Customized fitness routines are at your fingertips! When you purchase a package, you’ll be sent a questionnaire asking your goals, fitness levels and current activities. These questions are so that a customized and effective fitness routine for you can be created.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your journey or have been working out for years. A routine can and will be made for you.

The 30 Day You Fit is my signature Program. I’ve now added a VIP program as well!


  • tape measure
  • start and end measurements
  • weekly check-ins via email
  • free weights, resistance bands
  • 20-30 minutes/day

What You Get:

  • 24 hour email access
  • Guided routines customized to you and your goals
  • Weekly motivation and inspiration
  • A routine that can be done anywhere
  • Tip and tricks to tweak your routine for best results


Other Products

Non-customized routines

though creating something that fits the individual is what I’m passionate about, sometimes people aren’t sure what they want or need. To remedy that, I have a few non-customized routines available. Just something that gives you a taste of what you can get.

Rebel Destiny — Book

As of 2018, I will be a published author. In celebration, I am offering a pre-order price for my book. Once published, it will available for its full price. Once available, I’ll have it shipped out to you.


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